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(Old) Docker Presentation

I created this Docker presentation about three years ago (2015).Please note: the presentation is in part german.If you want to present my pr

Kubernetes v3 Presentation

This is an updated version of my Kubernetes v2 presentation.Please note: the presentation is in german.If you want to present my presentatio

My Blog Layout has been updated

I finally had some time to add Google Custom Search Engine to my Blog.I fixed some layout bugs with Bootstrap wells too. Some well-classes w

iptables: Using statistic module

“Load Balance” with iptables between two serversKubernetes uses this method to load balance traffic between pods in the cluster.The commands

Zulip: Installation

Please note: This post is more of a “draft” that may not be on my level of post quality.Zulip is a powerful open source group chat able to h

Kubernetes Interactive Bootcamp

I just found out that Kubernetes has an interactive bootcamp available.Here is the link to it: Kubernetes Bootcamp.The Github repo of it is